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Environment, Health and Safety

At Jubilant Ingrevia Limited, we firmly believe that Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) are the key for sustainable business growth and our continuous efforts are to embed EHS in every aspect of the business way beyond compliance, Obtaining Responsible Care (RC) 14001 certification for our facilities and similar certifications like ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 is an affirmation of our commitments and beliefs.

We have formulated an Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy, applicable to all the locations irrespective of the type of operations and geographies. The policy outlines the fundamental ideology of not only complying with the regulatory standards but also excelling in improving the EHS performance through continual improvement. The EHS policy acts as a guiding principle for identifying, addressing and eliminating or mitigating any impacts/risks arising from the resource utilisation, processes, unsafe working conditions, waste, effluent generation or emissions. We value the health and safety of the people above all and recognise the need for preventing pollution. EHS management system has been the most integrated part of our business at all manufacturing locations.

Responsible Care codes and ISO certification requirements have been embedded in the Integrated Management Systems and these codes and elements have been addressed as follows:-

Community Awareness and Emergency Response

As our facilities manufacture, process, use, distribute or store hazardous materials we have established community outreach programs to proactively communicate relevant, useful information to the relevant stakeholders. Well established emergency response program is practiced and tested periodically to respond rapidly and effectively to emergency situations through mock drills.


We evaluate & mitigate the risks associated with products storage and distribution. Through our logistics partners & real-time monitoring of goods movement, we ensure safety during transportation and are committed to society while our goods are moving on the roads.

Employee Health & Safety

We ensure to protect and promote the Health & Safety of people working within our facilities or visiting members at sites. Continual technological improvements in our facility maintenance and operational practices are ensured to minimize the risks and associated health hazards.

Pollution Prevention

We aim to continuously reduce the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from our Operations. Our experts are constantly working on further improving the processes and setup of our installations to prevent pollution. These meet and, in several cases, go beyond local legal requirements.

Process Safety

Process safety is an integral part of the product development process, and sustainable manufacturing processes. We ensure high safety standards through the product life cycle staring from product development in R&D and subsequently during scaling up. This is ensured through rigorous risk assessment at each stage and incorporating appropriate mitigation plans during planning, construction and operation of the plants.

Product Stewardship

Our environmental management strategy ensures that the product development cycle from R&D, scaling up & finally disposal of wastes incorporates minimizing the product's environmental impact throughout all stages of the product's life cycle, including end of life management.


We ensure to protect people, property, products, processes, information and information systems by enhancing security throughout the value chain which has helped us in continuous improvement in security performance through a comprehensive risk-based approach.

Water Conservation & zero discharge

Resource optimization is a key focus area for Jubilant Ingrevia Limited. We are continuously optimizing our processes following the 3R approach of reduce, recycle & reuse. Most of our plants operate on zero liquid discharge which is achieved through various process modifications and the adoption of new technologies. We have also implemented rain water harvesting at our plants, which helps recharge ground water. All manufacturing facilities have the latest effluent treatment facilities to ensure zero discharge & are recycling the water after treatment

Emission control to ensure no impact on the Environment

Jubilant Ingrevia Limited has adopted various measures in order to reduce both air and GHG emissions. Several initiatives using the “Reduce, Recover, Treat” approach including technology changes, improving energy efficiency and others are put in place to reduce emissions. To control particulate emissions, we use high-efficiency Electro-Static Precipitators (ESPs). Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are treated through Catalytic Incineration and Thermal Oxidation.

Climate Change Mitigation

Jubilant Ingrevia Limited aims to operate with a low carbon footprint and support in mitigating the risk of climate change. We are committed to adopting the climate change mitigation plan, a theme well defined in our policy & achieved through participatory and collaborative efforts.

Towards its commitment to this climate change policy, the Company has adopted and implemented several initiatives to reduce the Company’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission. Some of the key focus areas are technology change, switching to renewable energy, improving the energy efficiency of the process and equipment, change in the mode of transportation. Bio-mass, biogas and bio-diesel are the key renewable energy sources in the overall energy mix of the company.

The Company is also monitoring and reporting its GHG emission regularly. the products manufactured by Jubilant Ingrevia Limited through ethanol (biogenic source) route have a much lesser carbon footprint than similar products which are manufactured through the conventional petro route.


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