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Agro Chemicals

In Agro Chemicals, we offer value-added derivatives, derived from speciality building blocks such as Amino Pyridines, Halogenated Pyridines, Quaternary salts, Alkyl Pyridines and so on, which have application in intermediates and actives used across insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and plant growth regulators, whereby we contribute to the global food security program.

Some of our agrochemical ingredients find application in popular Active-Nitrification Inhibitor, fungicides, insecticides and herbicides, and growth regulators which are supplied in multiple geographies. We offer 8+ products that are used in more than 12 herbicides, about 8 products are used in 9+ fungicides, and about 14 products are used in 20+ insecticides.

We also offer a range of safe and highly efficacious anti-microbial solutions for applications in the Paints, Coatings, Industrial, Cosmetic and Personal Care industries. Our Range of Products includes Jubithione® (ZPTO, ZPT-40, ZPT Powder, CuPT, NaPT) Class of Pyrithiones, Per-Acetic Acid 15% & 35% solution. In addition, the Company has developed New Synergistic & Innovative Antidandruff Products like Jubithione® ZPC, JubiquatTM CLC, Low Cost In Can & Dry film Preservation Solutions like Jubithione® ZBT, Jubithione® NBT, Boosted Preservation Solutions Jubigaurd® PHG and PCG, & Complete Oral Care solutions Jubiquat® CPL.

Jubilant being fully backward integrated in most of these products provides cost-effective, reliable and long-term sustainable solutions to all its valuable customers.



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