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Speciality Ethanol

In Speciality Ethanol, we offer various speciality grades of ethanol from a renewable source (sugarcane molasses), to cater for applications in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, personal care, and fuel blending. We also offer CO2 for beverage and industrial applications.

Ethanol is produced through the Green Route by processing sugarcane molasses at state-of-the-art distilleries, strategically located in sugarcane-rich states, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra of India.

Our speciality ethanol finds application in Pharma, Agro, Healthcare industries to manufacture various APIs, Agrochemicals and other Industrial products. We also supply Ethanol to Oil Marketing Companies for the Government of India’s Ethanol Blending Program.

Besides producing ethanol, we also import ethanol for captive consumption and also trade it to potential customers.

Speciality Ethanol is also a leading producer of speciality gases which includes:

  • CO2 gas for the beverage industry and industrial use providing material to major players producing carbonated beverages like Coca-Cola in India.
  • High-quality ETO mixtures are also manufactured for a wide spectrum of applications in medical equipment sterilization and treatment of foodstuffs.

Jubilant Ingrevia Limited is engaged in manufacturing of anhydrous and hydrous ethanol from molasses at state-of-art plants at Gajraula and Nira units having a production capacity of 250,000 liters per day. The plant incorporates multi-pressure distillation, multi-effect evaporation technology and complies with Zero Liquid Discharge norms. The plants are capable of producing various grades of Speciality Alcohol and Fuel Ethanol as per international quality standards. Our strengths are strong R&D infrastructure, quality assurance and faster deliveries.

The distillery can produce the following products:

Absolute Alcohol (AA)

We produce Absolute Alcohol as per requirements and specifications of customers mainly used by pharmaceutical companies for API manufacturing, speciality chemicals manufacturers, agro chemicals Fragrance Manufacturers and other Industrial Products.

Rectified Spirit (RS)

We produce Rectified Spirit as per the requirements of the customer conforming to National and International Standards.

Fuel Ethanol (FE)

We produce Fuel Ethanol as per BIS specification (IS 15464:2004). Fuel Ethanol is used by Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) for blending with motor spirit (Petrol).

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