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Archival Policy


This policy is prepared in compliance with Regulation 30(8) of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 (the “Listing Regulations”). This Policy aims to decide the process and manner of archiving the disclosures made to the Stock Exchanges under the Listing Regulations (the “disclosures”) which are hosted on the website of the Company.


The Company shall disclose on its website all such events and information which have been disclosed to the Stock Exchanges under Regulation 30 of the Listing Regulations. Such disclosures shall be hosted on the website of the Company for a period of five years from the date of disclosure to the Stock Exchanges. For ensuring safety of the data hosted on the website of the Company, a back-up of the website shall be taken atleast on a quarterly basis.

After five years, such disclosures shall be removed from the Company’s website and preserved in a secured server of the Company. Such disclosures shall be preserved in a logical manner viz. as per nature/date of the disclosure, etc. to facilitate easy retrieval as and when required. The disclosures shall be preserved in a non-editable format for a further period of ten years (“Preservation Period”) on the server of the Company. After the Preservation Period, such archives would be deleted/removed from the server of the Company after obtaining approval of the Executive Director-Finance


The Chief Financial Officer, the Company Secretary and Head-Corporate Marketing and Communications shall have access to all archived disclosures.


This Policy shall be disclosed on the Company’s website


The Board may amend, abrogate, modify or revise any or all clauses of this Policy in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Listing Regulations and amendment thereto notified by the Securities and Exchange Board of India and/or Stock Exchanges, from time to time. However, amendments in the Listing Regulations shall be binding even if not incorporated in this Policy.

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