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Fine Chemicals

In Fine Chemicals, we offer value-added derivatives derived from Speciality Ingredients, attaining No 1 position globally in manufacturing and sale of ingredients including Acetyl Pyridines, Amino Pyridines, Halo Pyridines, Pyridine Aldehydes, Metal Complexes and different other pyridine, picoline and piperidine based derivatives for the pharmaceutical, human & animal nutrition, personal care, flavours & fragrance and other industrial applications.

The business has evolved a clear strategy to provide value-added products through forward integration of pyridine. We are one of the largest manufacturers in the Pyridine-based value chain, offering 240+ pyridine-based value-added products.

Our Product Portfolio includes Key Intermediate and Active Ingredients such as 4-(Dimethylamino)Pyridine; Azacyclonol; 5-Ethyl-2-Methylpyridne; 2-Chloro Pyridine; 2-Amino Pyridine; 2-Amino-4-Methyl Pyridine; 2,3-Lutidine; 3,5-Lutidine; 2,3,5-Collidine; Pyridine-2-Aldehyde.

Our specialty chemical products are used in several important therapeutic segments such as anti-ulcerative, anti-viral, anti-diabetic, anti-malarial, anti-thrombotic, anti-retroviral, anti-histamine, anti-neoplastic, Anti-Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and so on.

We enjoy a global leadership position in Cetyl Pyridinium Chloride, a naturally derived, Safe & Eco-Friendly, bactericidal and fungicidal Quaternary Ammonium (QUAT) compound. It is very popular amongst poultry, personal care & oral care industries for its proven antimicrobial performance. We have also developed New Synergistic & Innovative Patented Products with CPC like Jubiquat CLC for anti-dandruff applications.

Our ingredients are also used in the electronic industry as cleaning solvent, dry etching and as Spin On Dielectric (SOD).

Ingredients from our portfolio are highly renewable in nature and we help our customers to have a sustainable supply chain. We are committed to following a customer-centric approach to deliver quality with minimum lead time.

Sustainable Pyridine & Picoline Based Intermediates for Pharma, Personal Care and Other Industrial Applications

Science-led Next-generation Products Based On New Concepts For Pharma, Personal Care & Industrial Applications

Why Partner with Jubilant?

Robust R&D

  • Technological excellence and innovation through R&D
  • 3 dedicated R&D facilities located at Gajraula (UP) and Noida (NCR) with advance equipment including NMR, XRD, Reaction Calorimeter, LC-MS, Prep HPLC, Particle size analyzer etc.

Comprehensive Technology Platforms

Jubilant has mastered more than 35 key technologies using which numerous products have been developed.

  • Aromatisation
  • Chichibabin Rxn.
  • Quaternization
  • Stereo Selective Hydrogenation
  • Grignard Rxn
  • Photochlorination Sodamide / Sodium methoxide Rxn.
  • Halogenation & Dehalogenation
  • Sodamide / Sodium methoxide Rxn.
  • Vapor and liquid phase catalytic halogenations
  • Sandmeyer Rxn.
  • Mannich reaction
  • Beckmann rearrangement

Project Management

A dedicated Project Management Office(PMO) with a certified project manager for each job.

Backward Integration

The complete backward integration from Molasses > Alcohol > Acetaldehyde > Pyridine > Pyridine Derivatives up to the basic Feedstock, is one of the major advantages that Jubilant has over the other manufacturers. Jubilant saves a significant amount of Green House Gas emission by using Ethanol (Bio route) as the primary feedstock.

Excellent Manufacturing

  • 1 Pilot plant located at Gajraula and 13 manufacturing plants at 3 sites – Gajraula, Ambernath and Bharuch.
  • ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007 certified, state-of-the-art, well equipped and modern facilities
  • Strict adherence to cGMP Guidelines
  • NABL accredited QC laboratories with Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certification.


  • Low Carbon Footprint - The building blocks of Speciality Ingredients business i.e. Pyridine & Picoline, are produced using biomass route (Molasses) resulting in 10-30% carbon reduction.
  • Ecovadis - We are also registered at Ecovadis for integrating our sustainability framework which helps us to continuously monitor and improve our sustainability standard for the benefit of our customers, stakeholders and environment

Global Reach

With an expansive global footprint, including offices and warehouses in India, USA, Europe and China, backed by a strong supply chain, Jubilant ensures consistent supply of products to various locations across the globe.

An expansive network of offices and warehouses in India, USA, Europe and China backed by a strong supply chain ensures consistent supply of products to various locations in the world.


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