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Animal Nutrition & Health Solutions

The aim of Animal Nutrition & Health Solutions is to provide high-quality feed additives and solutions to enhance the performance of live stocks. We have 24+ branded product offerings; in the health ingredients category, which includes: - Vitamin, Mineral Premix, Stress regulator, Amino acid, Herbal Choline, Herbal Non-antibiotic growth promoter & Egg quality enhancer & in Performance ingredients category, which includes: - Toxin Binder, Acidifiers, Enzymes & Emulsifiers, having application in poultry, dairy, aqua & pet food industry.

In-feed vitamins, Jubilant Ingrevia Limited has a dominant global standing being the 2nd largest producer of Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide and Niacin). Jubilant Ingrevia Limited is also India’s largest producer of Vitamin B4 (Choline Chloride).

In-feed specialties and premixes, Jubilant Ingrevia Limited offers a range of performance enhancement and disease prevention products for integrators, feed millers, and commercial farmers, thus helping them to continuously increase their returns on investments.

A strong integrated business model, marketing foot print, backed by own R&D products and strong partnerships make Jubilant’s Animal Nutrition products widely acceptable in the Poultry, Dairy, Pet Food and Veterinary industry. The manufacturing facilities of Jubilant Ingrevia Limited meet global standards and are certified for major regulatory certifications such as KOSHER, HALAL, FAMI-QS and cGMP regulations.


High quality solutions for aqua industry

Rapid growth and development in aqua industry leads to the nutritional and technological challenges, Jubilant Ingrevia is committed to provide proven solution for aqua with a competitive advantage through its nutritionally enriched wide product range and unique solutions.

Our quality products focuses over maintaining fish & shrimp health results in better productivity and profitability which subsequent become economic basis for industrializing fish farming.

High quality solutions for dairy industry

Dairy nutrition in India is facing lots of challenges due to increasing cost of feed materials and stagnant milk price. Understanding the nutrient requirements of dairy animals and calves at various stages of development, transition and lactation is very much important for better health and maximizing productivity. Combining various feed ingredients to meet those needs in a cost-effective manner is very much important for generating profits, encountering all challenges.

We are continuously working to provide the best solution in nutrition and health for dairy animals.

High quality solutions for poultry industry

Jubilant Ingrevia offers specialty feed supplements & additives and premixes to integrators, feed millers, and commercial broiler, layer and breeder farmers across the globe, thus helping them to continuously increase their return on investments.

We specializes in poultry nutrition in developing and manufacturing world class products for better production and meeting nutritional challenges effectively and efficiently.

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