Research Development & Technology (RDT)


In Jubilant Ingrevia, a team of well-qualified and experienced professionals in RDT centres spread across multiple locations are specialised across the value chain of chemical research, chemistry/ process development of advance intermediates, fine ingredients, nutritional products and contract research.

Our RDT centres conform to international standards and are well equipped with world-class infrastructure managed by best-in-class manpower. Each RDT centre has a dedicated unit integrated with relevant business. Our RDT performance hinges on the coherence and cohesiveness among our RDT centres where rapid exchange of knowledge takes place to keep pace with competition and to develop disruptive technologies.

The RDT team focuses on new product development, process intensification, absorption and establishing technologies at a commercial scale. A dedicated team of scientists focuses on product/ process development in the area of pyridine and its derivatives and other heterocyclic chemistry, development of advance heterogeneous catalysts, the extension of chemistry skills to non-heterocyclic compounds, value creation in existing key products through process improvements /intensification, chiral chemistry, and development of animal and human nutritional products.

We have both developed intellectual property internally and acquired the intellectual property through acquisitions. New products continue to get developed by skilled and experienced RDT teams which work to deliver in line with the marketing strategy.

Key Highlights

  • Team of over 100 highly qualified Scientists
  • Knowledge-driven operations; Providing innovative products and economically efficient solutions
  • Proven expertise in complex chemical/ engineering technologies, heterogenous and homogenous catalytic synthesis, Vapour phase fixed and fluidised bed catalytic technologies, photocatalytic synthesis and vapour phase halogenations.
  • Advanced in-house capabilities in modern analytical instruments lead to expedited customer support
  • Continued efforts to minimise time to commercialisation of newer technologies/ products
RDT Locations

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

C-26, Sector 59, Noida - 201 301,
Uttar Pradesh, India

Tel. : +91 120 4362 205
Fax : +91 120 2580 033

Location Map

Gajraula, Uttar Pradesh, India

Bhartiagram, Gajraula, Amroha - 244 223,
Uttar Pradesh, India

Tel. : +91 5924 2523 53-60
Fax : +91 5924 2523 52

Location Map


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