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EnCroMix ®


Chromium enriched energy premix contain 2.5% salt of chromium tri-picolinate. Chromium potentiates insulin activity and combat and boost performance in stress conditions.


  • Premix of Organic chromium tri-picolinate salts
  • Ensures highly bio-available chromium
  • Primary component of Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF)
  • Product of Jubilant’s patented process


  • Nullify adverse effect of stress
  • Potentiates insulin action & activates chromuduline & increase passage of glucose into the cells
  • Improve meat quality & reduce fat and cholesterol in meat
  • Improves feed intake, body weight gain & immunity
  • For production of Chromium enriched egg and chicken.
  • Picolinic acids is the body’s prime natural chelator and has advantages for absorption of other trace minerals in gut.

Inclusion Rate:

250 gm/MT of feed Or recommended by nutritionist or consultant.

Packaging: 25 Kg Bag

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