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OsmoBetaine is high quality Betaine HCl 98.5% that provides Osmo-regulatory support to poultry bird and maintains health & performance.


Betaine HCl assay (% w/w) : NLT 98% & NMT 100.5% (Each kg of Betaine HCl 98% with minimum 76.00% of pure Betaine)

Product Features:

Free flowing (Moisture level <1%)

Free from heavy metal impurities

Certificate of Analysis for every batch

Contains <2% sodium chloride impurity


Acts as osmo-regulator, assisting animals suffering from mal-absorption, diarrhoea and heat stress.

Positive effects on carcass quality, leading to more lean meat and less abdominal fat Improve performance.

Can spare 3-6% of energy that is used in feed through its osmo-regulatory mechanism.

Recommended Inclusion Level (kg/MT of Feed):-

Commercial Layers


Commercial Broilers

0.2 – 0.5

0.5 – 1.2

0.5 – 1



25 Kg/30 Kg HDPE bags with LD Liner

Industry Application Areas

Animal Nutrition

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